Stroke Prevention module first update to fifth edition of Stroke Best Practices

The revised Prevention of Stroke chapter is the first release in the fifth edition of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations. The theme for the 2014

Research breakthrough to revolutionize stroke treatment

New treatment sharply reduces death and disability from major stroke

Dramatic results from a new clinical trial are set to change the way many strokes are treated in Canada and around

Stroke Report 2015: Canadians are not getting the care they need fast enough in the critical first hours
Gaps in the healthcare system and Canadians’ inability to recognize stroke put them at risk of death or disability.

Mood, Cognition and Fatigue Following Stroke Module Update

The 2015 update of the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations Mood, Cognition and Fatigue Following Stroke Practice Guidelines reinforces the growing and changing body of research evidence available to guide